Restore to GitHub

Cloudback allows you to restore a particular backup into a GitHub repository. This is a manual operation accessible from the repository card in the Cloudback Dashboard.



The restore process requires read-write access to your GitHub data. Permissions are managed by GitHub applications. Cloudback GitHub application has read-only access only, according to the least privilege principle. We published an additional Cloudback Restore GitHub application with read-write access to your data. This application should be installed for a short period of time, while the restore is in progress. Once restore is done the application should be uninstalled.

When you click the Restore this backup button Cloudback will ask you to install the Restore application:

Restore Application

Restore to a new repository

If the Cloudback Restore GitHub application is installed you will be asked to enter a new repository name. When you click the Restore button, we immediately create an empty repository and initiate a restore process that runs in the background. The status is displayed in the repository card:

Restore to repository

Once restore is finished please follow the link Open restored repository to open GitHub and verify the resulting repository:

Open restored

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