Customer Managed Storages

Cloudback allows you to store a backup archive in your own storage, leaving no copies to us. That is. Cloudback backs up a repository into an archive, sends the archive to your storage, and wipes the archive from Cloudback’s disk leaving no chance to recover any data from the Cloudback servers.

Also, we offer our in-build storages named according to the storage location: Cloudback US, Cloudback EU, Cloudback UK, Cloudback Sidney, and Cloudback Singapore.

Select a storage provider to back up GitHub repository

Register your storage

In order to tell Cloudback to store backups into your own storage, please use the + New storage button in the settings of the repository card. The button opens a simple wizard that guides you through the registration process. Please refer to a particular storage page to learn about specific steps.

Please note, that you could apply recently registered storage to all your repositories using the Bulk Operations menu.

Register a new storage to protect GitHub repositories

Supported storages

Please follow the link below to find additional details about particular storage:

Need another storage?

We added support of OpenStack Swift and Microsoft OneDrive within a feature request of our users. Contact us or create a feature request and we will consider implementing your storage.

What we upload to the storage?

We upload password-protected zip archives. The password is encrypted and stored at our side. The password is well protected behind several security layers. If someone breaks into any storage he will get useless encrypted archives and no chance to access archive content.

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