Backup GitHub repository using Wasabi

About Wasabi

Wasabi is a public cloud object storage service that is 1/5th the price of Amazon S3 and faster than the competition with no fees for egress or API requests. Wasabi provides 11 x 9s of data durability, high system availability, and support for immutable storage buckets. Wasabi is fully compatible with the Amazon S3 API with support for hundreds of S3-compatible storage applications and has been certified for compliance with enterprise security and privacy standards.

Set up Wasabi as a customer managed storage

  • In the Cloudback Dashboard open the repository settings by clicking on the settings icon:


  • Click the + New storage button, it will open the New storage dialog:


  • Enter a new storage name, and select Wasabi S3 Bucket: Access Key as the storage provider:


  • Go to the Wasabi website and create a Wasabi Bucket by following the instruction Creating a Bucket

  • Go back to the Cloudback website and provide a valid Bucket Region as was selected during bucket creation on Wasabi:

    • To find Bucket ARN, open Bucket Settings in the Wasabi Console and navigate to the Policies tab:
    • Copy and paste Bucket ARN into the Step 1 section of the New Storage dialog on the Cloudback website


  • Got to the Wasabi website and create a Bucket Access Key by following the instruction Creating a New Access Key

    • Go back to the Cloudback website, enter Access Key Id and Access Key Secret to the Step 2 section of the New Storage dialog, and then click the Test button:


  • Save your new storage by clicking the Save button

  • Now, click the Save Changes button to apply changes to your repository

  • Once the storage is created, you can use the Bulk Operations menu to assign a newly created storage to a large number of repositories with one click