Bulk Operations

If you have a large number of repositories it is not comfortable to manage their settings using Cloudback Dashboard with the card-based user interface. Cloudback offers the Bulk Operations dialog instead. The dialog allows you to apply settings to many repositories with a single click.

apply settings to many GitHub repository backup settings with a single click

Repository name pattern

Repository name pattern accepts wildcard characters and a comma character to join multiple queries:

Wildcard characters:
* - zero or more characters
? - exactly one character
, - specify multiple queries separated by a comma


For the account cristobal-martinez with 4 repositories awesome, awesome-repos, books and static-website-example:

  • * - matches all repositories
  • awe* - matches awesome and awesome-repos
  • awe*,book - matches awesome, awesome-repos and book
  • *b* - matches book and static-website-example

Settings that can be applied

  • Schedule - an hour for a daily backup trigger
  • Retention - backup archive retention policy, how many days we store an archive before we delete it
  • Storage - storage for backup archives, could be Cloudback or created by a user
  • State - schedule / unschedule, or enable / disable automated daily backups

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