Cloudback introduces regional storages

Apr 12, 2023
1 min read

The Cloudback Team is excited to announce the addition of regional storage options for our clients. If you’re utilizing Cloudback Storage for your repositories, you can now select from a variety of storage regions to best suit your needs. See the list of supported storage locations below:

Storage name Region
Cloudback US USA East, N. Virginia
Cloudback EU EU Central, Amsterdam
Cloudback UK EU West, London
Cloudback Sidney Asia, Australia, Sidney
Cloudback Singapore Asia, Singapore

By default, all backups are stored in the Cloudback US storage. However, clients can easily switch to their preferred storage location. To change the storage location for a specific repository please access the back side of the card view, or visit the repository settings within the table view.

As businesses continue to navigate the complexities of data management, Cloudback’s commitment to providing secure, accessible, and compliant storage solutions is poised to drive growth and customer satisfaction.

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