Archive encryption is now optional

Oct 19, 2021
1 min read

For security reasons, Cloudback uses AES-256 encryption for all backup archives. If you download a specific backup, you can access its content using the password. The password is sent automatically to your GitHub account primary email. However, some people may find this approach a little bit overcomplicated, especially when using customer managed storage somewhere inside your own secure infrastructure.

We are glad to announce that it is possible to opt-out of password-based encryption now. We added a new Archive type dropdown box into the Create storage and the Edit storage dialogs. You can choose one of the two archive types:

  1. Password-protected ZIP archive. This means Cloudback will create each backup as a password-protected encrypted archive.
  2. ZIP archive without password protection. Choosing this option will disable password-based encryption, so please make sure to take the necessary actions to protect your backups.
GitHub repository backup password protection

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