First public release of Cloudback

Sep 3, 2020
1 min read

Our team is proud to announce to you the first public release of Cloudback - GitHub repository backup as a service. The decision to start the Cloudback project has been made a few months ago when we noticed there are no solutions that provide the ability to back up a GitHub repository into private cloud storage. We made this a key feature of our product - the integration with various cloud storage providers. Cloudback backs up a GitHub repository and its metadata and stores the resulting archive into your own storage facility. The supported storage providers are described in our documentation article Various Backup Storages.

Want to try it out? Visit our Getting Started guide.

Currently, we are operating in a free and limited mode because of GitHub Marketplace restrictions. GitHub Marketplace allows publishing a paid plan after getting 100 installations. Until that, only a free plan can be published. Our free plan is limited to one repository per account. So we consider Cloudback in a public beta stage until paid plans are published.