How to download backup

How to download a backup of your GitHub repository

After Cloudback created a backup of your GitHub repository, you may need to download the backup at some point. For example, the backup can be used if you want to manually restore it by pushing the code back to GitHub or to another Git repository management tool. Also, the backup can be downloaded in case you want to use the metadata somehow, such as labels, issues, comments, and milestones.

To download a backup, click on the backup icon on the repository card:

download backup icon

In the modal window, click on the ‘Download now’ button

download now

Wait for the download to start:

download started

All backup archives are password-protected, so make sure to get the password from the email Cloudback sends when the backup download is started:

download backup email

Now you can open the backup archive using the password:

open backup

Archive content example:

backup content