Instant Notifications

Cloudback supports real-time notifications via messenger services:

instant notifications about GitHub repository backup

Instant Notifications about successful and failed backups can be configured per account in the ‘Notification Settings’ dialog of the main menu of Cloudback Dashboard. All notifications are Webhook based. Webhooks are user-defined HTTP URL callbacks. They are usually triggered to facilitate integration of different applications, in our particular case it is Cloudback and a Messenger. Within a Messenger, you can create an Incoming Webhook for a text channel and get a URL for created Webhook. Then you pass that Webhook URL to Cloudback, and when Cloudback wants to send a notification, it triggers the Webhook URL provided.

Supported messengers are Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Discord. If you need another one - please submit a request via our issue tracker.

The steps to configure instant notifications are similar for all messengers:

  1. Go to your messenger, create Incoming Webhook, and get its Webhook URL.
  2. Go to Cloudback Dashboard and enter this Webhook URL in the ‘Notification Settings’ dialog.

GitHub repository backup instant notifications settings


Slack notification about GitHub repository backup

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft teams notification about GitHub repository backup


Discord notification about GitHub repository backup

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